Max’s Birth Chart

Max’s Birth Chart

Do you know Max personally? If so, did you ever wonder what made him so cool and compatable with you? Or if you don’t know him, are you wondering what he’s like? Well, you can look for answers here!

(Max is a Taurus, by the way.)

Sun – Taurus

Max is strong-willed. He has charm, and he is tolerant and stoical. He likes pleasure and the good things in life. Max appreciates the Arts. He can be obstinate and lazy.

Some of the traits Max possesses because of this are: that he is verbal, intelligent, observant, sometimes nervous/wired, intuitive, unique, innovative, and always seeing where improvements can be made.

Moon – Taurus

Max is convinced of his ideas. He is willful but foresighted. He appreciates the good things in life, like nature, which he works to protect.

Max likes good cooking. His friendships are sincere and he knows how to surround himself with the right people. He is serious, but also equally humorous and satirical.

Other Things

  • Mercury – Aries
  • Venus – Gemini
  • Mars – Gemini
  • Jupiter – Virgo
  • Saturn – Cancer
  • Uranus – Pisces
  • Neptune – Aquarius
  • Pluto – Saggitarius

Do with this information as you will. Maybe you learned something about Max!