About Max Green

Max Green is a 19-year-old hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. He came to Drake University in the fall of 2022 in search of a degree in Journalism, and remains there to this day now studying Digital Media Production. Max’s experience in digital media production (so far) includes working as a broadcast assistant for Drake Athletics, operating cameras at live sporting events and capturing some pretty good stuff. He is also is an active member of Drake Broadcasting System (DBS), helping to create content for their Youtube page and serve as a scriptwriter, talent, and camera operator for live shows.

Max Green’s Interests

Max has unique interests such as going on a nice walk, watching a sunset, playing bass, listening to music, watching sports, just to name a few. He recently joined the band Levity, based in Des Moines, and also is trying to start a band back in his hometown with another friend of his.

Historically, Max has never been one for talking about himself, so he’s making it really hard to come up with stuff for this. Here’s some rapid fire information about the man:

  • Max has a big ‘ole family. He’s got 16 cousins, several aunts and uncles, two parents and a sister. He’s also got two cats back at home who he misses dearly.
  • Max’s best friend Candace also goes to Drake, and is a big part of the reason why he ended up going there in the first place. Go bulldogs!
  • Max is a staff editor on Drake’s satire magazine, Drake University independent News. He enjoys making weak jokes about campus, Iowa and the world; when he isn’t making jokes about himself.
  • When not at school, Max works as a barista at the coffee shop AO&Co down the street from where he lives. He enjoys making drinks and food greatly, and it is a secret wish of his to be able to create the perfect latte for those he loves.

Max Green’s Future

Max has several dream jobs, each ranging in rationality. The most achievable of these desired jobs is to work in sports broadcasting. Max has been a sports fan for many years now, and would love to be able to be paid to attend games and record the action. His favorite sports are soccer and basketball. Of course, Max also has other desired jobs that are much less achievable, but nonetheless fun. These include working as a writer for The Onion (drawing from his background in satire with DUiN,) and/or a Shepard way off in New Zealand.

You can reach Max at maxmg2004@gmail.com.