This past weekend, I went on a brief venture back to my homeland of St. Louis, Missouri. I was supremely burnt out of schoolwork and was in dire need of an escape– so I took one.

It’s really nice to get back home, to take a break in the midst of all the schoolwork and sociality that I am thrusted into on a daily basis while at college. I usually try to wait until Thanksgiving break to go home, but I just felt the need to go now, even if Fall Break last weekend gave me a much more convenient opportunity that I didn’t take.


  • Friday
    • Get coffee in the morning.
    • Leave for St. Louis.
    • Stop in Hannibal, Missouri, at that one Casey’s I always do.
    • Arrive home.
    • Attend a musical that one of my good friends is the lead in.
    • Get midnight tacos with my good friend Xavier.
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
    • Pack up.
    • Drop in at the café I worked at over the summer to acquire my favorite drink, a Matcha Limonata. Get sidetracked by the infinitely interesting gardener Joseph.
    • Leave for Des Moines.

Man, Did I Go To The Wrong School?

In touring the campus of SLU with my good friends Amon and Adrian, a thought occured to me:

“Damn, this campus is so much nicer than the one I live on up in Des Moines.”

Max Green, 2023

It’s truly a beautiful campus, practically in the center of the city as well. You have multiple viewpoints of the arch, are surrounded by some of the busiest yet convenient streets, and even have access to the building where “The Exorcist” happened.

I was really thinking that I should have at least given the school a chance back when I was in high school, it was such a good time.

Of course, I don’t really regret any decision too much in these regards. It’s just fun to get a glimpse of a life outside mine and imagine myself elsewhere. I mean, would I really have loved attending a Catholic university? Would I have enjoyed going to school 3 minutes away from my house? Seeing a bunch of people I already knew from high school?

No. I would not have enjoyed that. But it’s always an experience I have when I visit most universities that aren’t Drake University; as I walk around a campus that is more than 10 square blocks in size. I imagine that I could do it.


What a hell of a song, and how fitting to my situation it was, running away from responsibility.

By Max

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