Welcome to Max Green’s Website

Welcome to Max Green’s Website

You have found your way onto the greatest site in the history of the inter-nets. The world-wide-web has never seen such an internationally appealing man grace this little screen. This man can comprehend how large the number “google” is.

Who is he?

Ah, it’s just Max. And this is his website. Welcome to Max Green’s Website. It’s the website that Max Green runs. He makes the posts and everything. He even wrote this. Hello, viewer!

How can Max help You? In his cyberscape, you can find:

  • Writings of his focusing on various topics— travel, music, sports, and other recreational things that he lives his life for.
  • Information on the man himself and his whole life story. Well, really just a brief summary of that entertaining story.
  • And maybe even a little bit of professionalism from Max.

You may have some questions. Max will answer those.

Why Does This Site Exist?

Excellent question. Truthfully, Max had been wanting to get a website for the longest time in order to have an established space where he could write about whatever he wanted to. That opportunity came at the end of August, when the Web Content and Design class he enrolled in at Drake University required him to create a website. Max took the opportunity and ran, and now this website exists.

What Should I Do On This Site?

Visiting Max Green’s website should feel like coming home. Make yourself comfortable, relax, and pick up your favorite book. What book is it? It’s likely one of Max’s many Blogmentations, the series of writings he publishes on this very website. These are good books. They are real, published books. Check them out. Max implores you to do so, but not too aggressively. He still needs you to feel comfortable.

Additionally, you can read about Max. Catch up on your favorite faux-blondie. See what brought him to where he is today, and where he plans to go tomorrow. The world is Max’s oyster, except he doesn’t really like oysters. Scallops are his favorite seafood, really.

What’s Next For Max Green’s Website?

Who knows what the future beholds? Not Max. Though it would seem that the end of his website course would signal the end of the website as well, fear not. Max plans to continue on, sharing his Blogmentations onto this site. After all, he paid for a full year to own his domain. As if he was already not the master of his domain.

So kick back, and enjoy Max Green’s Website. After all, we may never see one like it again.