The Music of Fall

As fall begins to seep into winter, I like to collage together the music that I was enjoying throughout the season. This is a beloved seasonal tradition of mine, but fall is consistently one of my favorite periods to look back on through the music I listened to during that time.

This year is no different. Here, I’ll look back on some of the songs and albums I’ve enjoyed these past couple of months, as well as what I got down to in previous years.

My Song of the Season – Forget It by Blood Orange

The first song on Blood Orange’s first album (2011’s Coastal Grooves,) and what an introduction it is. There’s something so inexplicably catchy about this song for me— it’s one of those things where it’s greatness just is. It doesn’t need to be perceived or categorized.

The song has just what it needs, and excels at them— a rhythm that’s just right, a beautiful melody complimented by sweetly descending guitar runs, and a solo in the middle of the song that is unapologetically leaving you behind.

It is a rare occasion for me to find a song that I will never feel like I’ve listened to enough. I just have to put it on repeat each time it comes on. And for that, it must be commemorated.

My Album of the Season – God’s Trashmen Sent to Right the Mess by Fievel is Glaque

I’ll be honest, I’ve never dove very far into the genre of alternative jazz fusion that Fievel is Glaque employs so fantastically in this compilation album. Because of this, I don’t feel very qualified to talk much about this album in a technical manner.

I will not pass on any description of this album, though. It is a roulette of twenty sub-2-minute songs that never fails to interest its listener. It slows to a chant from a frenzied woodwind marathon in a matter of moments on my favorite track, Simple Affairs, and at no point does it ever feel unwelcome. Fievel is Glaque have established their world in this album and bring us into it, but make sure we don’t get too comfortable.

Maybe it’s because I have less listener experience in this genre, but this album is fascinating to me. For that, it deserves recognition for bringing my ears to a new soundscape.

All-Time Favorite Fall Music – If I Am Only My Thoughts by Loving

This dreamy collection of folk-pop songs is my favorite to return to every fall. It also doubles as one of my favorite albums of all time, it is just such a joy to listen to. Many a time I’ve taken an autumn walk that was soundtracked by this album. I highly recommend this one to anyone who hasn’t had the privilege to listen.

By Max

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